Kupa brought ILLUMINANCE of Terenzi Srl, Voltaire Lighting Design, Habits, in the heart of Europe (Italy, France, Spain), thanks to a plan in progress, developed for Carrefour on a project by the architect Paolo Lucchetta of Retail Design.


For Osram, Jacopo Acciaro of Voltaire, in co-design with Habits, designed Kupa, suspension lamp with an essential and semi-spherical shape. As a partial eclipse, it hides and then reveals its essence. The anthracite methacrylate of the outer part of the shell is combined each time with a different color: white, yellow, orange, red, purple, green and blue. 1,300 mm in diameter for 500 mm in height and 15 kg in weight to illuminate the Carrefour cash desk areas.


Terenzi Srl dealt with the engineering and industrialization of the product. According to the project, two LED sources have been joined that, in addition to illuminating the space, highlight the colors of the inner surface of the lamps. The methacrylate shell has been laser cut and then thermoformed to give it the desired concavity, finally varnished in liquid in the two different internal and external colors. Terenzi Srl has fully managed the project, studying its wiring and obtaining the CE certification, carrying out quality analysis and verifications of the applied processes and of the production results achieved.